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Questions and Answers
Copyright 2003 Mitch Robbins

- What defines a "Christian Movie"
Before we can define "what is a Christian Movie?" we need to first go back to the roots and ask, "what makes a person Christian?" We know that Jesus Christ is the way to God through his substitutionary death and His resurrection. And, on a very fundamental level we can say that people are Christians because of the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. (The fruit of which is love, joy, peace, patience, endurance, etc.) A person is not made a Christian by doing Christian things or saying Christian things, but rather is made a Christian by what the Spirit of God has done and is doing in his life. A movie is not made a "Christian movie" by what is shown or said in it. Rather, it is a "Christian movie" if it is a movie that was led by the Spirit of God and the content reflects accurately His heart and purpose. Biblical themes and message are important and inseparable from a Christian movie. But we should seek God's direction in how to present it. Sometimes the Spirit of God leads us to share boldly the word of God with people around us. Sometimes the Spirit leads us to just listen and understand where a person is coming from. Just as God leads us to interact with people around us in different ways and on different levels, "Christian Movies" need to be able to do the same. Those of us who make "Christian Movies" need to cease from our own labor, and enter into God's rest, which is to only do His will.
- What should be the purpose of a Christian movie industry?
The purpose of a "Christian Movie Industry" should be to reach each targeted audience segment with the story and message that God leads us to tell. Some movies will till the soil. Others will sow the seed. And others will reap a harvest.
- Are Christian movies a relevant art form that we should encourage? Or are they a divisive and damaging endeavor for the Church?
A movie is as relevant an art form as painting, sculpting, music, or any other. As a matter of fact, motion pictures can be said to be the cooperation and expression of all of the other art forms into a single presentation. Beyond that, it is the single art form that seems to be able to transcend most, if not all other cultures on the planet. For good or bad, many cultures now share the common language of motion pictures. This makes it a potentially powerful way to reach people for Christ, especially if we really follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the writing, development and production of our movies.
There are two ways that a Christian movie can be divisive. One is by pushing our own agenda and not following God's leading and scriptural principals. A pastor who preaches a sermon in the same attitude can also be divisive. And this is a bad thing. Another way for Christian movies to be divisive is to follow God's leading and scriptural principals. Even though Jesus desired that people be in unity in Him, His message often caused the crowds to leave him. They had a hard time receiving His word. If we're divisive because we tell the truth and we're obedient to God, maybe in the long run that is a good thing.