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Riding The Crossroads
by Herbie Shreve with David Wimbish & David Hazard
Review written by Barbara Robbins

This is the story of a father who was so caught up in his "work for God" that he had little time for his wife and sons. It is the story of an angry, rebellious, and troubled teenage son, who felt like his father wasn't there for him. But it is more than that. As Brother Andrew says in the forward to the book, "It's a living record of the Lord's work in people who are committed to a vision - God's vision of reaching a lost world." It is the story of how the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) got started.

Herb Shreve, a sober and dignified preacher, was driving down a lonely stretch of highway in rural Arkansas. He was thinking about his rebellious sixteen year old son, praying for a way to bridge the gap between them, when a group of bikers passed him going the other direction. In his mind, Herb saw an image of a father and son riding motorcycles together. Was God speaking to him? Was this a way to get close to his son? He felt it was. He wasn't thrilled over the idea of motorcycling, but he was willing to do whatever it took to rebuild his relationship with his son.

As Herb and his son Herbie entered the world of motorcycling, Herb discovered a spiritually needy group of people, untouched by the gospel and indifferent to the church. He began to pray, "Please God, send someone to help these people. But please … don't let it be me." He shared his vision with many of his acquaintances, but few felt these people were reachable and no one felt called to try to reach them. Herb and Herbie took a cross-country trip by motorcycle, and everywhere they went Herb met people who desperately needed to know Jesus. Over a period of time and through a variety of circumstances, God changed Herb's mind until he had a strong desire to get out on the road and tell these people about Jesus. And this was the beginning of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

As I read of the early struggles the Shreves experienced in beginning CMA, I could easily identify with what they went through since we have been through similar experiences in starting Top Secret Productions. Beginning this ministry meant Herb had to resign his pastorate and move his family out of the home provided by the church. It meant living on very little money and depending on God to meet their needs. It meant even less time with his family (until they later decided to travel with him) as he attended motorcycle rallies in surrounding states. Obeying God's call required sacrifice, but by the end of the first month both Herb and his wife Shirley were convinced that this new ministry was definitely operating under God's blessing.

As someone who has never had an interest in motorcycling, I didn't expect to be very interested in this book. But I learned that this isn't a book just about motorcycling. It is a book about God's working in the lives of two men, and about His work through these men to touch many for Christ. The power of God to change lives is clearly illustrated. The need to share the gospel with those who need to know Christ is a message we all need to hear. The principles of evangelism that are presented in this book are applicable to any evangelistic ministry. This is a book that any Christian would benefit from reading. It is a book I would highly recommend.